‘Part of Me’ Video: Katy Perry Goes to War


Have you seen those lip-dub videos that some active-duty Marines make while stationed abroad, the ones where they'll re-create a smash-hit pop song from a female artist like Britney Spears or Ke$ha? Well, Katy Perry just made their next lip-dub a lot easier: Her new video for "Part of Me" puts her in Marine fatigues and war paint as a woman so scorned by her cheating ex (who very pointedly looks nothing like Russell Brand) that she decides to enlist in the armed forces. Perry crawls in the mud, does her jumping jacks, fires on targets, and even cuts her hair in this video, which de-glams Perry while glamorizing servicewomen. Still, we question the wisdom of the scene where the newly militant Perry tapes down her breasts; as any fan of the pop singer knows all too well, there's a whole lot of live ammunition in there just going to waste.