People Like Us Trailer: Chris Pine Has a Secret Sister Named Elizabeth Banks


What would you do if Jon Favreau took all your money, and then your dad died, and you inherited a Dopp kit full of cash but were instructed to share half of it with Effie Trinket, who turns out to be a sister you didn't know about? Such are the questions Chris Pine faces in People Like Us, formerly known as Welcome to People (which makes way less sense when you understand the premise of the movie. Good job, focus group!). Based just on the trailer, it looks like his answer will be "have some intense courtyard conversations with Olivia Wilde, and then bond with his sister," but then maybe director Alex Kurtzman* wanted to make the heist scene a surprise. Or maybe they'll go full in on the Luke-Leia associations and bust out the light sabers. Just dreaming aloud here.

* An earlier version of this post misidentified Roberto Orci as the director of People Like Us; he is a co-writer.