See 27 Easter Eggs Hidden on the Community Set


As the nineties poets Le Click once observed, "Tonight is the night/Is the Night of Love." Or, put another way: Community is back on NBC, y'all! To mark the show's return to prime time after a three-month break, Vulture recently headed over to its set, where we roamed the vast Paramount Pictures soundstage that houses the familiar haunts of our beloved study group, where you could smell a hint of Chang in the air: We hit the Greendale library-study room, the cafeteria, various hallways, and, of course, the toy-filled apartment that Troy, Abed, and (more recently) Annie call home. Armed with our trusty iPhone (nothing but the best here at Vulture!), we started snapping shots of various tiny details hidden within the sets. The school posters, the wall-hangings, the knickknacks — all the minor details that you can't actually see up close during an episode, but which the producers and writers cared enough to include in order to make Community as realistic as possible. Either that, or creator Dan Harmon likes to punish his writing staff by making them spend hours dreaming up crazy posters advertising the GCC Hat Club and the school's fictional funk-music-loving radio station. Enjoy the peek behind the curtains, and don't forget to tune in to NBC tonight at 8.