Sound of My Voice Trailer: Cult Movie Hopes to Be Cult Hit


The new approach to releasing trailers goes like so: carpet-bomb your online audience with teasers for teaser trailers, then release at least a few trailers all at the same time, including foreign versions and viral videos. (Call it "pulling a Prometheus.") The Sundance thriller Sound of My Voice has done it differently, though: Last month, the first twelve minutes of the movie debuted online, and only now has an actual trailer been released. The twisty tale stars co-writer Brit Marling as Maggie, a cult leader who claims to be from the future; when a young man and woman infiltrate her group with the hopes of exposing it as a fraud, they find themselves dangerously sucked in, too. Well, if bearded wackos and creepy polygamists can build a small cult of personality, the sky ought to be the limit for a beatific blonde with those marvelous tresses.