Step Up Revolution Trailer: The Dance Crew Is the 99 Percent


"Enough with performance art. It's time for protest art." These are the immortal words that inspire a revolution — of dance, on Miami Beach, in opposition of a giant real-estate development backed by none other than evil Peter Gallagher. Occupy Step Up: The movement is real! (So real it got 20,000 hits in under five hours. What's up now, Social Network?) And thankfully, it includes all the hallmarks that make its parent franchise great: a naive, surprisingly coordinated new girl (in this case Kathryn McCormick, fresh from So You Think You Can Dance season six), a handsome but troubled dance-crew leader (newcomer Ryan Guzman), overcrowded parties, skimpy clothing, backflips, side-by-side car-hood choreography, belly-dancing museum sculptures, intimidating crew names, an Adjustment Bureau flash-mob, and, of course, Moose. All this, and a noble cause, too. Be the dance you want to see in the world! Do you hear the people dance? Already, we are inspired.