Take This Waltz Trailer: The Temptation of Michelle Williams


In Sarah Polley's new film, Take This Waltz, Michelle Williams is presented with a conundrum: Should she cheat on her pleasant but mild husband Seth Rogen with her somewhat sexier neighbor Luke Kirby? The upcoming HBO series Girls throws the same to-cheat-or-not-to-cheat curveball at one of its main characters, who's practically hitched to a sweetheart who doesn't light her fire: Suddenly, twentysomething temptation for women is having a moment. Both are sexually bold with their comediennes, too: In Girls, series star Lena Dunham is unafraid to go nude in an awkward situation, while Waltz is already famous for asking Sarah Silverman to go full-frontal. Ladies with an attitude, fellas who can't get in the mood?