That’s My Boy Trailer: Adam Sandler Gets R-Rated


Adam Sandler usually sticks to mainstream, PG-13 comedies, but for his new movie, That's My Boy, he's getting R-rated — and MTV has the red-band, NSFW trailer to prove it. The conceit this time out is that Sandler is the ne'er-do-well father of the did-very-well Andy Samberg (so Sandler had Samberg when he was, hmmm, 12 years old?), and when Dad tries to reconnect with his son on the eve of his wedding to a high-strung Leighton Meester, shenanigans ensue. Those misadventures include a lot of time at the strip club, a whole lot of blood and vomit, and, er ... well, we'll just let Meester's last line say it all.