Let’s Relive The Killing’s Best Moments in Chewing


Out of all the hallmarks of season one of AMC's crime procedural The Killing — the drizzle, the crying, the rain, the red herrings, the downpours — the chewing stood out most. Detective Linden loved to masticate nearly as much as she loved to miss flights, and her passion for the art of eating was matched only by her partner's, Holder, who was right there with her, chomp for chomp. (They say that jaw movement is the key to deductive reasoning: Sherlock Holmes was known to have a severe Hubba Bubba habit.) Imagine how shaken we were last year when an AMC exec appeared to tweet that the show's gum budget was being slashed ... and imagine our relief when it turned out to be a fake account. And so now we prepare for Sunday night's season-two premiere of The Killing in the best way possible: reminiscing about the show's greatest moments in chewing. (Audio slightly sweetened for maximum crime-solving effect.)