The Killing’s New Poster: ‘Be Careful What You Uncover’


Last season's promo art for The Killing became the show's undoing: "Who Killed Rosie Larsen?" the ads asked. "La la la, raining, gum-chewing, crying, sweaters, have you ever seen Twin Peaks, hey, look over there, hm, politics, sex, never mind" the show replied after thirteen episodes, driving at least a few of us completely bonkers with rage and frustration. This season's prompt is a bit vaguer, warning, "Be careful what you uncover." Let's just hope someone on this show uncovers something. Anything! Hey, speaking of shows whose central mysteries went unsolved and ultimately let fans down, the poster is more than a little reminiscent of Lost's cast shots, with the similar defiant poses at the edge of some kind of craggy surface, and our hero sternly gazing toward the horizon.