‘Time to Dance’ Video: Jake Gyllenhaal Fences, Kills Hipsters, Looks Sad


How’s it going with Jake Gyllenhaal, you’ve maybe been wondering, for no reason other than that Jake is very likable and has been slightly M.I.A. of late. What has he been up to since that worm-eating Man vs. Wild appearance? If you spend a lot of time contemplating celebrity psyches, then perhaps you’d become concerned about Jake. (Where has he gone? Did the worms disagree with him? etc.) And if you hadn’t, the video for "Time to Dance," from the French duo known as the Shoes, will surely jump-start your worrying. Watch as Jake, zooted out on all manner of substances, dons a fencing suit and kills his roommates. See him stalk through abandoned hallways and smash faces Drive-er style. Count the drops of sweat on his despondent face as he ponders the meaningless of it all (except for killing people, brutally, which we’re pretty sure he believes in. Also, seagulls.). Oh no, Jake Gyllenhaal! This is troubling! (But welcome back, you were missed.)