Topher Grace Has Been Busy Reediting the Star Wars Prequels

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 14: Actor Topher Grace arrives at the 2012 Art of Elysium Heaven Gala at Union Station on January 14, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Art of Elysium) Photo: John Shearer/2012 Getty Images

Topher Grace held a special screening last night in Los Angeles for a film he didn't direct, star in, or produce ... in fact, it's guaranteed to never reach theaters. According to Slashfilm, Grace decided recently to edit all three Star Wars prequels into a single, 85-minute movie, but unlike other scissor-happy Star Wars devotees who upload their wares to YouTube, Grace premiered his cut to an audience of actors, producers, director, and writers. Entitled Star Wars: Episode III.5: The Editor Strikes Back, the Grace cut begins with the climactic Darth Maul flight in Episode I, cuts Jake Lloyd from the movie altogether, and reduces Jar-Jar to a single line. Laura Prepon, let this serve as a necessary kick in the ass to finish your Indiana Jones supercut.