The Host Teaser: For the Author of Twilight, The Eyes Have It


"The earth is at peace," coos the narrator of the teaser trailer for The Host. "There are no wars. There is no hunger." (Is the last Metroid is in captivity, too?) Yet, this peace comes at a price: There's an alien force that's body-snatched everyone on the planet, and it's currently battling for the soul of Saoirse Ronan, too. The Host was adapted by Gattaca and In Time director Andrew Niccol from a novel by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, and it'll come out next year, long after the Twilight franchise has concluded but just as things are getting underway with its clear successor, The Hunger Games. Sure, the narrator may claim there's no hunger, but at a time when every studio is trying to launch a lucrative fantasy franchise aimed at young girls, we have a feeling that Hunger is going to be on everybody's minds.