Val Kilmer Really Getting Into This Mark Twain Stuff


Val Kilmer's one-man show about Mark Twain opens in April, and the former Batman says he's still working on writing and directing a Twain movie, too, which he would also star in. Not that there aren't people he'd identify as modern-day Twains in their own right. "In terms of outreach and power and respect, I think Jon Stewart is a worthy comparison because he's got a very specific agenda and he seems to be getting, even gaining, a respect from the conservative community because, like Twain, his stuff is so — you can't really deny him," Kilmer tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Twain was kind of a ridiculous showman and self-promoter, like Stephen Colbert, so that's the kind of American satirist," he says. "There's a lot in comparing that style of presenting yourself as completely absurd but making really valid points along the way." Man, ninth-grade English would be a lot more popular if Stephen Colbert wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.