Watch an Exclusive Clip From Bobcat Goldthwait’s Dark Comedy God Bless America


Last night's episodes of reality TV showcased several moments of stupidity and ignorance so profound that they may have made you feel a little bit worse about the whole human race, but fortunately, someone has come along to do something about it. In Bobcat Goldthwait's pitch-black comedy God Bless America (premiering tomorrow at South By Southwest and then debuting on VOD April 6 and in theaters May 11), former office drone Frank finds his true calling: a mission to kill off the most proudly dumb and repellent people alive, aided by a 16-year-old accomplice named Roxy. In this exclusive clip, Frank rants at length about the new lows hit by people on reality TV and "Two Girls, One Cup"; watch out, Colton, because he may be coming after you next.