Alec Baldwin Continues to Hint That 30 Rock Will End Soon

30 ROCK -- NBC Series -- Pictured: Alec Baldwin as Jack -- NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth Photo: mitchell haaseth/NBC

Will 30 Rock end after next season? Hard to say, but Alec Baldwin certainly believes it will: Hot on the heels of his recent comments that he'd be "leaving NBC" pretty soon, the actor appeared at a National Press Club luncheon in Washington today to clarify that he's committed to doing the seventh season of 30 Rock, but that it will be the show's final year. Of course, that's what he said before the sixth season, too, though both Baldwin and Fey have been increasingly chatty as of late when asked about the show's end date. "Aren't you infinitely curious about the kinds of things Tina will do when the show is over?" Baldwin tweeted a few days ago. "I know I am." Still, it's worth noting that 30 Rock still hasn't been renewed for that seventh season yet, so stay tuned.