Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Talk Balancing TV and Film


“I felt like I’ve been doing three years of comedy boot camp, and when the opportunity came to do The Five-Year Engagement, I felt very prepared and confident in my comedic skills because of the training that I got on Community…I also just worked on a film called Get a Job, and my character is odd — sort of inappropriately sexual and just weird — so Dylan Kidd, the director, gave me a lot of freedom to have fun and play around and try to say the weirdest things that I could come up with. I know that he is a fan of Community as well, so I think that it’s the work that I’ve done prior on the show that gave him the confidence to trust me with that kind of improvisation and input.”

–Alison Brie, from an interview she and Gillian Jacobs did with Movie Line about balancing TV and film work and how Community has helped their careers.