Are You Ready for The Office: The New Class?


Greg Daniels, The Office’s executive producer, is in talks with NBC to reboot the series next season. With the show dipping in the ratings and critical approval, the announcement of many staff and cast shake-ups, and the fact that most of the leads’ contracts are up this year anyway, this isn’t entirely a surprise. The show has yet to be picked up for another season but considering it’s the only non-reality show on the network that gets serviceable ratings, renewal seems very likely.

At first pass this seems like generally awful news; however, maybe it will be for the best. Many of the show’s recent troubles stem from repetitiveness and stagnation; this could possiblly reverse that course. The show obviously has a gifted lot of writers and performers and a reboot might help them refocus. For example, if NBC announced that it picked-up a pilot executive produced by Greg Daniels with B.J. Novak as the head writer, starring Craig Robinson, Zach Woods, Ellie Kemper, and Creed we’d all be super excited. This could be that show. Come on! A show starring freaking Creed!