Baldwin Will Stay on 30 Rock Until the End, Which Might Be Soon


Alec Baldwin tweeted last week that he was “leaving NBC just in time,” and people took that to mean he was telling the truth. Luckily, Twitter is not dogmatic text (…YET) and the comedy Gods prevailed. Baldwin told the press yesterday that he’ll stay on 30 Rock through its seventh season (Bald-win!), which will be the show’s last (Bald-lose!). No one at NBC or the show has confirmed this end date but it sounds like something that would be true. Television contracts tend to be for seven seasons, which means extending the show beyond that would cost an extra $12 zillion. For a show that doesn’t make that much money in the first place, it’s hard to justify an eighth season. Though, NBC has champion negotiator Jack Donaghy on their side and if anyone can cuts costs it’s him. I imagine it will go exactly like this: