‘Blood for Poppies’ Video: Garbage Watched a Few Old Movies While They Were Gone


Even if you do not spend your free hours in the campus film archives watching old surrealist movies while wearing a beret, you may recognize the Un Chien Andalou–inspired scene in Garbage's "Blood for Poppies" video. It's the one where Shirley Manson's eyeball gets sliced like that old cow. The other references in "Blood for Poppies" are a little trickier, and Vulture won't presume to be able to I.D. them all (though we did think we saw a little Méliès in there, but maybe that's the Hugo talking). But the eyeball thing definitely happens! And it is very clear that Garbage spent the last however many years they've been on hiatus doing their Serious Movie homework. E for effort, guys.