CBS’s Reruns Laugh at NBC’s New Episodes


After getting solid numbers for a couple weeks after their hiatus, Community has seemed to level off, coming in with an 1.4 18-49 rating, same as 30 Rock. The first new Office in a month came in at a 2.1, 0.3 points lower than their last original episode, which isn’t what you want to see when trying to pitch a major reboot. Still, a new episode of The Office offered some lead-in bump to the season finale of Up All Night, which was up 0.3 to a 1.5 rating. For fun, or more like not fun, let’s compare those numbers (8:00-1.4, 8:30-1.4, 9:00-2.1, 9:30-1.5) to CBS’s (8:00-2.8, 8:30-2.7, 9:00-3.0, 9:30-2.1). Are you crying yet? No, let me continue. Last night, CBS aired three reruns (Big Bang Theory at 8:00 and 9:00, 2 Broke Girls at 9:30) and one new episode of the David Spade-David Puddy vehicle, Rules of Attraction (8:30). In overall eyeballs, CBS was watched by nearly 22 million more people from 8:00-10:00. To add insult to injury, Univision also beat NBC last night. En español, El Must See TV es Must See no mas (that es not español, lo siento).