Chace Crawford Is a Fan of Girls

Chace Crawford. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford attended the White House Correspondents' Dinner as a guest of Fox News, but when we caught up with him at a W Hotel party thrown over the weekend by Google and The Hollywood Reporter, he made sure to defuse any questions of partisanship. "I watch Fox News, but I watch them all, you know what I mean?" he clarified. "I like Bill Maher, and Meet the Press." Another recent addition to his DVR: Lena Dunham's much-talked-about HBO comedy Girls. "I actually really liked it, to be honest," said Crawford. "I love the deadpan, dry humor ... All the actresses in it, I thought they did a really good job. Because I do know people like that — I have friends in Brooklyn, Williamsburg — and it rings true a little bit." But what about the backlash? "I heard there was a backlash!" he said. "But what is the backlash? That they're privileged?" Kind of! "We definitely had to face that. I'm not going to lie — keep it a little more real." So can we expect a Gossip GirlGirls crossover, especially now that Dan has convinced Blair to spend so much time in Brooklyn? "Never!" laughed Crawford. "They're the two least likely shows to have a crossover. They're total opposites! It would be funny, though. Then all they would need is a vampire and a werewolf!"