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Christian Slater’s Breaking In Falls to New Girl Reruns

Way back in April 2011, Vulture wondered if Christian Slater's run of bad TV luck could be zapped with Breaking In, a show that wound up being canceled a month later, then magically renewed over the summer. Now, just five episodes into the second season's unlikely-but-prophesied mid-season resurrection, the answer to Slater's TV fate is a definitive "not this time, bro": Breaking In is getting canned early. In its place, Deadline reports, Fox will show reruns from New Girl's still-running freshman season, likely an effort to further support the already-renewed series. Breaking In's unaired installments will get burned off at some point (possibly summer), but maybe just go re-watch True Romance for now and bask in a happier time for Slater's onscreen goings-on.

Photo: FOX/Courtesy shot