Colbert, C.K., Wiig, and Handler Deemed Time 100 Worthy


The Time 100 came out and it’s hilarious. More specifically, it has hilarious people on it and hilarious people writing about them. Judd Apatow writes about Kristen Wiig, Joan Rivers writes about Louis C.K., and Kathy Griffin writes about Chelsea Handler. The best is how Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau, writing about Stephen Colbert, captures just how lucky we are to be able to watch him bring life into that character every night. He writes:

“I’d like to add here that Stephen and I are old friends, but I can’t. I barely know the man. But like millions of others, I revere him as the class clown I never knew — the one without a trace of mean. How he can be so devastating and endearing at the same time I cannot say, but it sure wears well.”