Courtney Love Picked a Weird Time to Reunite Hole


Days after Courtney Love's gross private tweets about her and Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean supposedly hooking up with Dave Grohl went public, Love took to Williamsburg's Public Assembly for an impromptu reunion with the mid-nineties Hole lineup of Patty Schemel, Melissa Auf der Maur, and Eric Erlandson. It was the group's first time together since 1999, and there's a clip documenting it all. Love shows up around 1:27. That long scream is definitely her. Then they play two solid songs — 1994's “Miss World” and their take on the Wipers's "Over The Edge" — starting at the four-minute mark. If you had any inkling that being with her original bandmates would make Love any less a diva-slash-crazy-person, now you don't have to think that anymore.