‘Crazy Clown Time’ Video: David Lynch Is Still Wasting Beer


As you will soon learn, the visuals for "Crazy Clown Time," the titular track from David Lynch's first solo album, remain extraordinarily faithful to the precise lyrics of the song in question — meaning (if you somehow didn't memorize every single word and are a little rusty on the action) that Suzy does in fact rip her shirt off in the first 40 seconds. This is a David Lynch video, and it is NSFW. The shirt-ripping and general darkness go down at some sort of trash-yard cookout, and along with the suddenly topless Suzy, Buddy shows up to scream on cue, Dede (Diddy? spell how you will) lights his hair on fire, and Danny … well, Danny continues to pour precious beer on other people. Vulture in no way wants to condone irresponsible drinking, but don't you want to be guzzling at least one of those, Danny? How else are you supposed to handle a party like that?