The Dictator Won’t Go Head-to-Head With Dark Shadows


When we previewed this year's summer movie season for you, we noted that the May 11 matchup of The Dictator and Dark Shadows was likely to change: Once upon a time, The Dictator probably seemed like wise counterprogramming against what was then assumed to be a horror movie, but the Dark Shadows trailer eventually gave Tim Burton's comedic hand away. And indeed, right on cue, we've got a blink from Sacha Baron Cohen's camp, as The Dictator just scooted to May 16, leaving Dark Shadows alone as the only wide release on its weekend. Will the later date — only two days before Battleship and What to Expect While You're Expecting — prove more hospitable? Meanwhile, in other release-date news, sci-fi adaptation Ender's Game dropped back from March 2013 to November 2013, with the Angelina Jolie–starring Maleficent staked out March 14, 2014. Fill out your day planners accordingly.