Darren Aronofsky Making George Washington Biopic


Now that Darren Aronofsky's satisfied the dark art-house filmmaker within him, who won't he rock a biopic of? He's got the Russell Crowe–starring Noah movie (yes, the ark dude) coming, he was rumored for a Judy Garland biopic (quickly shot down, though oddly resurrected in this very Variety report), and now he's producing and directing The General, the tale of America's $1 bill star and first president, George Washington. "[Paramount] is exclusively eyeing the project under its first-look deal with Aronofsky's Protozoa Pictures banner," Variety reports. "If the studio doesn't close a deal in the next couple of days, others get a shot — and interest is expected to be high, with Aronofsky coming off the $329 million worldwide gross and awards success of Black Swan." Basically, if you think someone's cool or had an interesting life, try hitting up Aronofsky. Someone should pass him Viggo Mortensen's 200ish-person hero list.