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Dawson Leery Wasn’t Even Supposed to Make That Cry Face

Weirdly, the recent career resurgence of one James Van Der Beek (which kicks off in earnest tomorrow night with the premiere of Don’t Trust The B* In Apartment Twenty-Three) can be traced back to an unflattering meme centered on a screengrab from Dawson’s Creek. Dawson’s Cry Face took off, Van Der Beek made a very gracious — and funny — Funny Or Die video in response, and suddenly he’s on national television going meta on himself and making the Cry Face for any fictional character who demands it. Except: The Cry Face was almost not to be! Van Der Beek told HuffPo that it wasn’t even scripted — he was just really feeling the moment. “You've been living with this character for a while and a scene like that just kind of drops in your lap and you just lose it. They yell cut and say, 'Oh my god. That was amazing!' So I remember being completely surprised by it because it was completely sincere. [Laughs.] The fact that it's being used to mock me now, I think it's so funny." James Van Der Beek: a good sport and a good actor. 

Photo: Youtube