Don Draper and Buddy Garrity to be on NBC Comedies this Thursday Night


Jon Hamm was on The Nerdist podcast this week and said that he will be making an appearance on this week’s live 30 Rock. This is very exciting news for fans of his dumb, dumb, dumb Dr. Drew Baird character and beautiful things. What transplanted hands will he be endorsing this time?

Then an hour later, on Parks & Recreation, Brad Leland, the man most famous for playing Buddy Garrity on Friday Night Lights, is set to play one of the candidates in the city councilman debate. He sports a goatee and mostly talks about guns but you know he’s thinking about high school football.

Add these two to Omar from The Wire appearing on Community earlier this season and we’re just one Gus Fring appearing on The Office away from perfect critically approved comedy and critically approved drama overlap.