Downton Abbey Producer Has Some Vague Season-Three Spoilers to Share

Downton Abbey Photo: PBS

Hear us now: If you do not want to know anything about the upcoming season of Downton Abbey, then put down your monocle and stop reading this page immediately. This post contains spoilers! But they are mostly vague, and they are courtesy of Downton producer Rebecca Eaton, so it's the kind of stuff you'd probably learn in a trailer anyway. Here's what we know: "Matthew and Mary do get married" (thank God!), "somebody will be born" (Branson Jr., probably?), and — uh-oh — "somebody will die, somebody pretty key in the cast." We can't even bear to pair this news with the recent Maggie Smith contract concerns, so let's place other bets. Branson, so Sybil can come home? Bates, so they can get rid of that boring legal plot? Please weigh in.