Drake Invites You to His Re-Bar Mitzvah

Photo: Vimeo

While you were out at the bar with your friends last night, Drake was busy dropping not one, but two new videos. There's one for "Take Care," the Rihanna-featuring, Jaime XX–produced ballad in which an apparently exploded Drake floats across the screen several times throughout, but the clear standout of the pair is the video for "HYFR." Yes, Drake's re-Bar Mitzvah video is finally upon us, and it is a treat. There's almost too much to note: the look of sheer glee on Drake's face during the hora, the photo cake, Lil Wayne's insistence on wearing a panda bear ski mask for most of the video, and the increasingly out of control party that erupts. The biggest takeaway? Drake looks happy! After spending much of the last year reveling in a state of  teenage angst (remember the sad sack Husky Drake from last year's "I'm on One" video?), it's nice to see the guy actually enjoying himself for once. And — if that's still not enough —  the video features the dancing skills of a young Aubrey Graham

Via Drake, October's Very Own