Dumb and Dumber 2 Probably Filming This Autumn


There are a couple kinds of April Fools' jokes on the Internet: One is where you do something neat or funny or ironic, and it is generally visibly a gag; another is where you select a story many would just love to be true, portray it as a scoop, and later optionally, sheepishly admit it was a little bit totally false but hey, thanks for your visit, you lovely little page-view. Now that that's clear, here's the following bit from ComingSoon's conversation with Peter Farrelly at a junket for the new Three Stooges: "We're getting set to shoot Dumb and Dumber 2 in September. It's the first sequel we've ever done and we've got Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels back. ... Jeff always wanted to do it. We always wanted to do it. Jim was busy, but he called and said, 'We've got to do this thing again.' He had just watched Dumb and Dumber and he said, 'This is the perfect sequel. Let's do it.'" With three separate instances of headline-making in 2011 alone (February, July, October), Dumb and Dumber 2 is either a surefire bet or an absolutely dead prospect being used solely as a calling card to drum up publicity for other projects. With April Fools' an hour in the grave EST, let's cautiously assume it's officially the former.