Eating Pasta with Aziz Ansari


In what is one of the most brilliantly selfish column hooks ever, TV producer and Grantland writer Daniel Kellison’s new recurring feature is called “Dinner with Daniel,” and it centers on him going out to dinner with a celebrity and then “we drink as much good wine as we can, talk about food and life, and see where the conversation takes us.” Sounds like fun! His first dining partner: Aziz Ansari (whose love of food is well documented).

It’s a fun if rambling conversation, but I guess that’s the point. There are fun anecdotes about Aziz’s celebrity buddies Jay-Z, Kanye and LeBron James, and much less fun anecdotes about Kellison’s gout (Sheet toe! Who knew? Or wanted to know?). But in any case, if you’re interested in knowing what it’d be like to have a fancy meal with Aziz but don’t have ESPN around to foot the bill, it’s worth a read.