Eli Manning to Throw a Fastball Three-pointer on SNL


Super Bowl winning European-Soccer Quarterback Eli Manning is set to host SNL on May 5th, which is different from the overblown potential Mitt Romney guest-spot (no, Romney probably won’t be suspending his campaign for a week to host SNL). Eli had appeared briefly in the episode hosted by his brother Peyton. Peyton was a fantastic host, which bodes well for baby bro; however, it should be noted that Peyton is also funnier looking than Eli. Speaking of funny looking, Rihanna is set to be the musical guest as a lead up to the very (unintentionally) funny looking Battleship movie. I hope Eli likes peeing himself because he’s definitely going to play Shy Ronnie’s friend, Shy Eli. After the jump is a clip from Peyton’s episode and the last installment in the Shy Ronnie saga as a refresher: