F, Marry, Kill: The 2012 Summer Movie Edition


Hello and welcome to Vulture's Summer Movie Preview, where all week we will delve into the season's upcoming releases, big and small, with interviews, charts, graphs, essays, and many more Internet-appropriate surprises. But why not start with a game to set the stage? If you are somehow not familiar with F, Marry, Kill, then allow us now to briefly explain: A player is presented with three fantasy (celebrity or acquaintance) hookups, and then forced to assign them the titular categories, one each, based on his or her personal preferences. It is not exactly a classy exercise, but as Vulture discovered last year, it becomes far more respectable when applied to movies, rather than human beings. So we did it again! Here now is our Second Annual FMK Summer Movie Game, in which we divided 54 of the season's most anticipated releases into like categories, three apiece, and then made the tough, crass decisions. Which movies would we marry? (Meaning that we are looking forward to them unashamedly, with high hopes of a long and rewarding cinematic relationship based on mutual trust and solid filmmaking.) Which would we fuck? (As in, which would we spend one night with, seduced by the big-budget effects and snazzy marketing, before sneaking away and denying we ever saw it.) And which would we kill? (We'd rather be alone than watch it.) Click through for our choices, and feel free to weigh in with your own.