Friends, the Band, Not Down With Brainwashing


Un-Google-able (or at least Google-confusing, in the manner of Girls and Real Estate) Brooklyn buzz band Friends made a small splash last fall with "I'm His Girl," a slinky dose of attitude with an Instagram-y "Hipster's Day Out" video to match. Their first proper album is out this summer, and below is its lead single, "Mind Control," which demonstrates many of the qualities Friends the Band is known for: breathy, noncommital vocals, enthusiastic percussion (note the bongos), and sass. Lots of sass! There's also some excited yelping, and a breakdown of all the things Friends are and are not interested in (the right to be cool, growing their own food: yes; your money or your beauty standard: no). In general, the whole thing is more energetic than we are accustomed to from "the kids with the boombox in that video." Not a bad look. Manifest! is due June 4.