Full Rock of Ages Trailer: Tom Cruise Is the Main Event


The full trailer for jukebox musical Rock of Ages just debuted, and if the teaser was remarkably stingy with glimpses of Tom Cruise as a hair metal rock icon, this new preview is chock full of Cruise ... and it leaves us with much to discuss. 1) Admirable muscle tone, shirtless Tom Cruise! 2) Can't go wrong with monkey sidekicks. 3) Can go wrong with that cover of "Wanted Dead or Alive," which is purportedly sung by Cruise, yet appears to be a collaboration between T-Pain and a Speak & Spell. 4) Today has been full of musical ups and downs, hasn't it Mary J. Blige? 5) Why do you think Alec Baldwin tried to pull out of this movie at the last minute? Please back up your argument with some of his dialogue from the trailer. 6) How does this make you feel about Tom Cruise as Kurt Cobain?