And Here Come the Tupac Hologram Tour Rumors


Give or take a few screams, the average 2Pac hologram reaction process probably went something like this: That's creepy, followed quickly by Okay, that actually looks pretty legit, swinging back quickly to Oh God, now every dead musician is gonna get his/her own Resurrection Tour. That last premonition is proving pretty likely, at least in the case of Tupac himself. The Wall Street Journal reports that Dre and Snoop are trying to figure out logistics for a tour with the hologram. "This is just the beginning," a creative officer for Digital Domain Media, who helped design the effect, told the WSJ. "Dre has a massive vision for this." On the one hand, they've got this hologram sitting around, so why not use it, we guess. On the other hand, oh no, it's all starting. See you at Ghost Coachella 2013.