And Here Is the Azealia Banks Lana Del Rey Remix

69063571 Photo: Getty Images

Oh good! If you are reading this, then your Internet connection is still functioning, which means we can move past those buzz-blog jokes and onto the factual matters at hand: The world has been gifted yet another Lana Del Rey remix (everyone has one! Where is yours?). This one — an uhnz-y take on "Blue Jeans" — features fellow Internet sensation and noted limbo enthusiast Azealia Banks, who drops in to duet with a bunch of laser sounds. The matchmakers in this situation are Foster the People's Mark Foster and Isom Innis, who are now working the D.J. angle under the name "Smims&Belle," and if nothing else, you have now heard of their side project, so points for them. Also, it's just nice to see Mark Foster back in the mix after that terrified Grammys performance. That poor guy!