Here’s Whitney Houston in (Most of) the Sparkle Trailer [UPDATE]


Doesn't anyone know how to properly debut a trailer anymore? Lately, there's been a pernicious trend of offering mini-trailers days in advance of the actual trailer, but handed the exclusive for Whitney Houston's final film Sparkle, the Today show makes things even worse: They premiere most of the trailer, then Matt Lauer spends minutes awkwardly grilling Kathie Lee Gifford and Pat O'Brien about what they thought of it. Why would you want to see the Sparkle footage you missed when Pat O'Brien could instead talk about his own struggles with drug addiction, right? Anyway! It looks good and yes, it is sad to see Houston in her last role, though she seems to be giving a spirited and well-managed performance. Right, Kathie Lee? UPDATE: Fortunately, Yahoo Movies has now posted the whole trailer, and we've got that for you.

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