How an Author Became Woody Allen’s Priest


Writer William Zinsser turned a humble interview with Woody Allen into a role in the director’s Jewish version of 8 1/2, also known as Stardust Memories, and lived to write about it. He tells the story in a long and beautiful essay about working with and writing about Woody. Here’s a small excerpt:

“Bill, honey,” a voice said, “this is Stephanie from Woody Allen’s office.” How wonderful, I thought, to be in a line of work where I was called “Bill, honey.” Stephanie said she was calling to get my measurements. Measurements! I caught a whiff of greasepaint over the telephone line. She needed my jacket size, my waist size, my trouser length, my inseam and my collar size, and I gave them to her gladly. I would have told her anything. I wanted to ask what role I was being measured for, but she was gone. I called my wife to tell her I was in show business.”

[Via Kottke]