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box office

Avengers Poised to Open Higher Than Hunger Games

Five months into the year, and 2012 may be able to boast two record-breaking box office behemoths. Already, The Hunger Games opened last month to a stunning $152.5 million, and now tracking for The Avengers is so high ahead of its May 4 debut that the Hollywood Reporter is forecasting an opening weekend that surpasses that huge haul. If it manages to build on its interest and want-to-see factors, which are already higher than those tallied by Hunger Games this early in its prerelease, The Avengers could notch the second-highest opening weekend ever, and maybe even threaten the $169 million grossed by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in its first frame. All this, with The Dark Knight Rises yet to come! (Not to mention, y'know, Magic Mike.)

Photo: null/Marvel