Is Kevin Hart the Next Breakout Comedian?


With two movies coming out today, Think like a Man and Five-Year Engagement, Slate looks at Kevin Hart, who’s easily the biggest comedian in the country but not necessarily the most popular. Last year, he was the top grossing touring comedian and his independent released special was the highest grossing standup film in nearly ten years. The writer asks, why hasn’t he reached the point of cultural ubiquity of someone like Louis C.K? Race might have something to do with this, despite it being a subject Hart mostly avoid entirely. Regardless, there seems to be a certain groundswell of chatter about Hart recently, which suggests big things are the horizon, especially with him working on that buddy cop film with Seth Rogen. Do you think that Hart is poised to take over the comedy game? Do you think his lack of success is do to race or comic style? Do you think his stance against dolphins is what’s really killing him?