Jason Segel Talks Rom-Coms and Hating Science with NPR


This weekend, on NPR’s Morning Edition, human hug-machine Jason Segel sat down to talk about Five-Year Engagement with the perfectly NPR-voiced Rachel Martin and impressively stepped up his earnest discussion game. Spot on is his commentary on romantic comedies, the genre he is best known for:

“The movies that I love and model after — like Annie HallWhen Harry Met Sally, and, in particular for me, Broadcast News — [have] the tone of life, which isn’t a set-up/punch line every two minutes. I think you get bored of that movie.”
“You didn’t know if you wanted [Holly Hunter] to end up with Albert Brooks or with William Hurt or either…Whereas romantic comedies today have been overly simplified — ‘She’s a scientist! He hates science! What will happen?’”