Joe Eszterhas’s Macabees Script Is Violent, Called M.C.K.B.I.

Photo: NBC

So Joe Eszterhas's currently shelved "Jewish Braveheart" about the Maccabees is called M.C.K.B.I. What a wonderful title for a serious movie! According to the Wrap, the script is "remarkably faithful" to the story of the Maccabee revolt against oppressive Greek rule, which you might think is in the Hebrew Bible but is actually not. (Some Christian traditions include it as part of their Bible, though.) Anyway, the movie is apparently extremely bloody and violent — why else would you pay Joe Eszterhas to write a Mel Gibson movie? — and includes people getting stabbed through the eye, brutal hand-to-hand combat, and "miles of heads on stakes." Don't get too excited, though: Gibson said in a letter last week that he and Warner Bros. found the script "incredibly disappointing." R.I.P., M.C.K.B.I.