Joss Whedon Wrote a Super Funny Sketch with a Message


Daphne Zuniga: What equality means to me is that women are given their moment, their chance to stand alone before everyone, with dignity, and to know that no man is going to try to upstage …

Evil Robot: [comes on stage, making robot noises]

Zuniga: … with dignity…

Evil Robot: Evil! Evil!

Zuniga: Oh, no. Evil robot from the future.

Evil Robot: I am an evil robot from the future!

Zuniga: I just said that.

Evil Robot: It’s my line. And I am an evil robot from the future.

Zuniga: What do you want, evil robot? Have you come from the future to destroy humankind?

Evil Robot: I come from the future to destroy … Stop saying my lines! I come all the way from the future!”

The beginning of one of the sketches Joss Whedon wrote for the Equality Now 20th Anniversary Ceremony. Read the rest over at Vulture and be filled with laughter and talent-jealousy.