Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ Did Not Debut at No. 1


So how did Transitional Bieber do on its first week out of the gate? It sold 521,000 downloadable copies, landed Bieber his highest Billboard 100 debut ever, and earned him widespread comparisons to Justin Timberlake. Frankly, it was pretty much a smash for the Biebz. The only way in which he did not totally dominate the competition was his failure to knock fun. from the No. 1 Billboard spot. Yes, "We Are Young" is still holding on, meaning that "Boyfriend" was relegated to the No. 2 position on the Billboard charts this week. The numbers are not totally representative, as Bieber's single was not available on streaming services for most of the tracking period — and almost all estimates predict that he will unseat fun. next week. But look, Justin Bieber isn't totally 100 percent perfect. It almost makes you love him more, huh?