Katy Perry: Part of Me Trailer: Behind the Teenage Dream Scenes


Where Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and the Jonas Brothers have gone, Katy Perry now will go: She's got her very own 3-D concert movie, entitled Katy Perry: Part of Me, coming out this July. The trailer just debuted online, and there are the usual testimonials from colleagues and fans, as well as an inspiring narrative that casts Perry as a struggling singer who couldn't break through but wouldn't give up on herself before finding huge worldwide success. There's also a conspicuous bit in there about her dissolving marriage and a tease that maybe, just maybe, you'll get some additional inside info on what went down with Russell Brand ... though we've got a hunch that the only real scoop in Part of Me is the scoop of cotton candy that Perry helps herself to at the end of the trailer. At least there's some justification for the third dimension: What better way to experience the things that Katy Perry shoots out of her boobs? It's what James Cameron would have wanted.