Larry Sanders Show Executive Producer Developing a New Show For HBO


Former Larry Sanders Show writer/producer Peter Tolan is developing a new show for HBO. He’ll be working on it with creator Nick Schenk, the writer of Gran Torino (you know, that hilarious film where some old dude says racist things to a bunch of Asian youths). Deadline reports the show, Royal, “centers on a working-class, old-school, politically incorrect, tell-it-as-it-is biker who is forced back into ‘the real world’ to take guardianship over his nieces and nephew, executing a highly unorthodox parenting style – and inhabits a place he doesn’t want to be where everyone’s soft and overly PC.” Is it just me or does the part scream “Rip Torn?” If not, I’m screaming it. RIP TORN! CAST RIP TORN! WHO CARES HOW OLD HE IS, HE’S RIP “RIP UNTIL IT’S TORN” TORN!