Last Night on Late Night: Jay Leno Embarrassed Josh Hutcherson Really, Really Badly


Last night on the Tonight Show, Josh Hutcherson faced the most embarrassing moment of his life again — his opening pitch fail at the Cincinnati Reds game over the weekend. Jay Leno showed the clip and moved the Hunger Games actor to touching heights of fluster and defensiveness. "Jay, Jay, I'm an athlete," he sputtered, "I'm a better athlete than that, I promise you!" Plus: David Spade recounted glaring at a sheepish Chris Farley through an entire SNL skit for misleading him into poaching a John Candy joke, and fessing up to it just moments before the show went live. Also, Conan attempted duck calls with the guys of A&E's Duck Dynasty; and Christina Applegate and Jimmy Fallon took turns imitating Will Arnett. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.